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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season's Greetings !

Well, today is the holiday !
I hope you're enjoying the holidays !
Anyways, I'm here at home.
I'm with my mom, but I still feel alone .
Very alone . Deep inside .
I feel a broken heart .
And I want to cry,
because of sadness ..
But I can't cry now .. Not now ..
Well, sorry to milez !

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i told him :)

I'm so freaking happy ! Last December 16, 2008. I told my crush on how I feel towards him.
I always thought of saying it to him, but I can't do it since a year ago since we where freshmen.
Now that I became sophomore and 2 days before the x-mas party, I told him how I feel.
Well, before I said it. It took me many distractions like I keep saying on the phone "wait! mom's calling me!" even though its not true. Then after 1 distraction. I told to him that I like him and iLy :]
Well. I still remember his words and it stuck into my mind.
"Before we hold off, Thanks for your appreciation and I hope I'm not your distraction" and he asked me my grades ! What the! haha :)
Then I told everything about my grades.
Then when he found out what happened to my english grade,
I told the whole story.
Until now, I can't stop being happy for what happened. :)
iLy Carl Cervantes :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Past ..

I can't describe it...
While darkness is conquering me...
I will never shed my tears...

80% of me is covered with darkness and 20% of me is covered with light...

I wanna die...
I'm losing hope, faith and trust in myself and to others now...

I want to drop out
from School and life my alone
and die in sadness...

I want to leave home...
But I dunwan to live alone...
I can't leave my parents alone ..

I am the reason why they are together now...

If I leave home...
Where will I live ?
I won't run to my beloved one's house and live there...
Even though he wants to live with me forever...

I need to finish my current mission which is my priority now...

I want to be successful in LIFE...

~> I don't want to be broken again.. I don't care about his looks...
I care about his love for me, his loyalty and his way of life, when we grow up and become as one... He must do his every best so when we meet with our parents, they will be proud for looking for someone as successful as our parents.

We're a very BAD Girls..

Haha ! Its so funny !
On what me and Erika did yesterday.
Why ? Because we went inside Erika's classroom and played on Ms. SHITFACE'S Chair ! [Shitface = Sarah Visco]

We put the cover of the trash can on her chair.
We took everything on the other's chairs and put it on her chair.

And I just found out she was called the "thief" because almost everyone's things is on her chair !

So mean !! XD

Monday, November 17, 2008

The "BEST" thing I did !


I'm gonna share what happened a while ago !

So FTW for me !! XD

I was really mad to 2 of my classmates !

They were hurting me secretly and keep on teasing me.

I know it was a wrong thing to cry but I CRIED.

And when our science subject was over.
Our science teacher [our class adviser] talked to me.

But my groupmates was still on our table.

And the teacher asked who did those things to me.

I told it was the GAY and the LESBIAN

and the lesbian was saying something and I said "Putang ina mo! Tumahimik ka nga nga!"

"tumahimik ka na nga!" in english means "shut up!!"

and my teacher was like this >>> o..O

And my teacher got mad and asked my other classmates to leave the laboratory.

There my teacher talked to me and she asked what to do

I told her "patawagin mo mga magulang at kausapin mo!"

the english translation for that is: "call their parents and talk with them!"

Hahahahahah !! I've been saying tons of bad words today.

Sorry for the badword above :p

And today is the day where I got my card grade =p